Startups like Swiggy, Lenskart and Paytm are using digital marketing to grow their business. But the same can’t be said for Byjus. 

In this article, we are going to learn why Byjus’ digital marketing strategy didn’t prove to be effective.

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Why SEO didn’t work for Byjus

SEO is used to improve the website rank in Google search results. This leads to more people coming to the website which is good for lead generation and sales.

Byjus did SEO to attract students to their website. But, they were neither alone nor the first ones to do it. Other online platforms like Toppr and Vedantu were already doing it and were much better. They provided quality study material to students to promote their online courses.

For instance, check out the following image where they are ranking at 4th position on keyword “NCERT solution for class 10″ which is an important key phrase since it has a search volume of 246,000 searches per month.

Why Google ads didn’t work for Byjus?

Apart from using SEO, companies also use Google ads to rank to the top of search results. This is exactly what Byjus did as you can see in the image below.

However, students looking for NCERT solutions or any other study material had no buying intent which makes them difficult to convert. As a result, Google ads became a money drain for Byjus.

Moreover, unlike other companies, Byjus was so unique that it had no product-related keyword.

To clarify, the fashion industry targets keywords like “buy a dress” or “shirts” and real estate industry targets keywords like “buy an apartment” or “rent a flat”, but Byjus can’t target any keyword.

Byjus is still running ads on irrelevant keywords like these:

Why Facebook ads didn’t work?

Facebook was Byjus’ best bet since it targets people based on interests and not keywords. So, Byjus generated a lot of leads by targeting people who are interested in their app.

Unfortunately, the leads were bad because the people interested in the app were mostly school students, who were not frequent buyers. The buyers were the parents.

Moreover, Facebook ads didn’t work on parents because they were just not interested.

How is Byjus growing fast nevertheless?

To grow fast, Byjus had to solve these issues. So, Byjus switched to traditional marketing channels like TV ads. Through TV ads, they raised awareness among parents (buyers) and students (users) both. Check out their TV commercial below.

Their first ad aired during an India-Pakistan match and was a huge hit. This ad promoted their app with Shah Rukh Khan saying “Download the app now”.

While downloading and signing up on the app the leads got generated. These leads were not cold since the customers were aware of the product and the company.

These leads were then transferred to the sales team who gave free counselling sessions to school students and sold the product. These leads came from all over the country. So, they established sales teams everywhere.

And that is how Byjus achieved rapid growth.

Nowadays, Byjus is such a well-known brand throughout the country that people are directly using the keyword “Byjus” on Google. As of now, the keyword has a crazy search volume of 368,000 searches per month.

Moreover, Byjus can now use Google ads on branded keywords (company name keywords) as shown in the image below.

Apart from Google search ads, Byjus also use Google display ads and Google shopping ads.

Byjus’ Shopping ad

Byjus’ Display ad

They also use Facebook ads to book more counselling sessions directly on Facebook.

This is possible because their sales representatives are already all over the country.


We can all agree that Byjus digital marketing strategy just needed a little push from traditional marketing because of its unique and expensive product.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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