Did you know that Tanishq is getting 3 million website visitors per month?

That is twice the population of Goa.

It is also twice the number of visitors their best competitor, Kalyan Jewellers, get.

Moreover, their revenue grew by 36% during 2018-19 and their profits increased by 76% which is more than most mature companies.

So in this article, we are going to take 14 lessons from Tanishq’s Digital Marketing strategy and try to understand the reason behind their popularity and growth.

#1. Use Google ads to attract your target audience

Companies like Tanishq use Google ads to attract people to their website. So, whenever people search for keywords like “Jewellery online”, they show up on the top like this:

Moreover, Tanishq uses Google shopping ads to showcase their products and bring potential customers directly to their product page.

Google shows these ads on product-related keywords only, which increases the chances of people landing on your website.

Moreover, Google ads list products with image and price, which improves the quality of traffic coming from these ads.

People usually go to the website only when they like the product image and the price. This increases the chance of a conversion.

So, using Google ads is necessary for getting high-quality traffic to your website.

#2. Use Google search ads to target branded keywords

Using Google ads on branded keywords (like “Tanishq” in this case) is very important.

People using this keyword either want to know more about you or want to buy something from you. In either case, this traffic is extremely valuable because it consists of people who already know your brand and are more likely to buy.

If you do not use this keyword, your competitors may start targeting it to take away your customers. It’s like having a billboard in front of your shop pointing to your competitor’s shop. You don’t want this to happen.

Moreover, it doesn’t cost a lot to bid for these keywords because they are not very competitive.

So, this is the cheapest way of getting high-quality traffic to your website.

#3. Use Google display ads for retargeting

Most sales do not happen on the first interaction and require five follow-ups on an average. Similarly, online sales require retargeting to get more conversions.

Buying expensive jewellery is also a big decision, so people don’t usually buy them on their first visit.

Therefore, Tanishq’s digital marketing strategy needs something like a sales follow-up to remind them about you. Google display ads do exactly that.

Hence, Tanishq is using display ads on blogs and websites to retarget lost visitors and get them back to the website like this:

#4. Use Facebook ads

Just like you can target people based on keywords while using Google ads, you can also target people based on their interest and demographics through Facebook ads.

So, Tanishq is using Facebook ads and targeting people based on their interest.

For instance, here is one of their ads targeting people who are likely to get married. It’s promoting their Soubhgya Mangalsutra collection created especially for wedding season:

Here is one more ad targeting couples for Valentine’s Day:

And this one is for targeting retired people:

These ads are very effective in attracting a quality audience to the website because of precise targeting and thus give a high conversion rate.

Moreover, Facebook ads are cheaper than Google ads because there is no keyword competition on Facebook.

#5. Optimize your budget

We do not know whether Tanishq is using budget optimization strategies or not, but it is a good practice to go for the optimization to get better returns on ad spend.

Budget optimization involves reallocating budget based on performance. For instance, let’s consider that this is the performance report of all your digital marketing efforts:

Then you can reallocate the budget to better performing platforms to get higher returns on the same budget as shown above.

#6. Use SEO to get organic traffic

SEO is like trying to have a friendship with the most popular guy on the block so that he always points to your shop whenever someone is looking for your product.

The name of that friend is “Google”.

Tanishq is using SEO to make their website Google-friendly. As a result, they are ranking the highest in organic search results for keywords like “Diamond earring”.

As a result of their SEO efforts, they are getting 3 million visitors every month without paying a dime.

Moreover, this is very high-quality traffic, since the people who are visiting the page are already looking for the product and thus they are very likely to buy from you.

If they had used Google ads to get this traffic, it would cost them ₹31 million per month.

Moreover, this traffic is very high quality because people looking for the product only lands on their pages. So, these people are more likely to buy from them.

#7. Use a long sales funnel to get more conversions

The sales funnel of a usual e-commerce company looks like this:

However, when you are selling an expensive product like jewellery, you will not get conversions easily with this funnel because people usually do more research and take more time while making a bigger financial decision.

Therefore, in this case, you have to add more steps to reduce the resistance in customers’ mind.

So Tanishq has added a “book appointments” button next to “add to cart” as shown in the image below.

After booking an appointment, people can talk to an expert before making a purchase. The expert also gives all the assurance and eliminates all doubts in customers’ mind.

#8. Use online-to-offline (O2O) marketing for better conversion rates

People are usually more comfortable in buying jewellery from the store and that is why Tanishq has 167 stores throughout the country. These stores have a higher conversion rate because people who visit the store have a high buying intent.

So, to get more footfalls to the store, Tanishq uses online to offline marketing. Notice that Tanishq’s Google ad shows directions to the nearby Tanishq store and gives a call option as shown below:

Also, they have a “store locator” section on their website to get more store visits from people who prefer buying from a store.

#9. Give a ton of info on  product page

The best type of customer is a well-informed customer. They take a long time to take the decision but once they do, they stick with you for a long time and become advocates of your brand.

To attract well-informed customers, you have to give a lot of information.

Tanishq is doing the same. They have created buying guides that are available on every product page as shown in the image below.

These guides give a ton of information like colour, clarity, carat, weight and size of the product.

It helps customers in taking an informed decision.

#10. Create product collections to target different audiences

People usually buy expensive products, like jewellery, on special occasions only.

For instance, weddings alone contribute to about 40% of all gold sales in India (Source).

To attract people looking for wedding jewellery, Tanishq has created Rivaah collection.

Similarly, Tanishq has created many sub-brands to attract different audiences as shown in the image below.

These collections have a separate landing page, which creates a delightful experience for that their target audience.

#11. Create trust and reliability

Trust and reliability is the most important quality in the jewellery industry.

Just look at the questions people are asking frequently on Google.

So, to create trust Tanishq uses TATA’s brand name which is considered the most trustworthy brand in India. They mention TATA on almost all pages and posts.

Also, they have listed the following 10 promises on their home page to earn customer’s trust.

  1. Purity guarantee
  2. Only 8 % making charges
  3. Pay only for the weight of gold
  4. Best exchange value for gold
  5. Get a 100% exchange value for diamond
  6. No refurbished products
  7. Transparent billing
  8. Safe jewellery purchase scheme
  9. 313 stores throughout the country
  10. Tanishq is a Tata product

#12. Have a good exchange and returns policy

To make the buying decision easier for customers, Tanishq has 2 policies.

  1. A Returns Policy: Tanishq has a 7-days return policy in case customers are not happy with the product.
  2. A 100% Buy-back policy: Tanishq offers a lifetime buyback policy at 100% value for diamond products.

#13. Create a membership program to get better ROI

It’s much cheaper to retain a loyal customer than to acquire a new one. So, to increase the customers’ lifetime value (CLTV), Tanishq has started a membership program named “Encircle Program”.

The member of this program gets loyalty points every time they buy anything from Tanishq. These points can be redeemed on the next purchase.

This program makes people keep coming back to Tanishq.

#14. Give innovative purchase schemes

Tanishq has started its Fixed Deposit scheme called Gold Harvest Jewellery purchase plan. This plan helps people in saving a fixed monthly instalment which they can use to buy jewelleries. Tanishq also provides 75% cashback on one of the instalments after maturity.


I hope that you like these lessons from Tanishq’s digital marketing strategy.

Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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