SEO helps you in attracting your target audience and bringing them to your website.

But it isn’t easy to guess how much money you should allocate to SEO and how many visitors you will get for that price.

SEO cost calculator for Indian businesses is here to solve this issue. It calculates your monthly budget and gives you an estimated number of website visitors you will get per month.

Formulas used to calculate the results

Month SEO Budget = (Number of blog posts/30) * (Salary of Content Writer + Salary of SEO guy)

Website visitors/month = (Number of blog post*30) + (salary of content writer*0.001) + (salary of SEO guy*0.001)

List of assumptions

There are some assumptions I had to take while creating this calculator. Check them out:

  1. I am not taking domain cost, hosting cost, and web developer cost into account because these are one-time costs, and I am assuming that you have already considered these.
  2. I am assuming that the content writer can create quality content.
  3. I am assuming that the SEO guy will suggest the right topics to attract your target audience and will do proper link building and content promotion.
  4. I am assuming that you are not trying to compete with well-established websites.
  5. I created this calculator for Indians, so results may vary if you input salaries in other currencies.

How does SEO Cost Calculator work?

SEO Cost Calculator takes the number of blog posts you want every month and gives you an estimated budget to create these posts.

The more blog posts you create per month, the more budget you will need. This budget goes to pay salary to two people (1) content writer and (2) SEO guy.

A good content writer will draw 25000 Rs/month as salary and create 30 blog posts per month. He/she will research a topic to attract your target audience and will create helpful blog posts.

An experienced SEO guy will also draw a salary of 25000 Rs/month. He/she will guide the writer by doing keyword research and will help in blog promotion.

You can also hire an SEO agency or freelancers, but the cost will be roughly the same.

In this calculator, you can also edit the salaries of a content writer and SEO guy. But if you decrease the salary, the number of website visitors will also decrease because the quality of content will decrease with cheaper employees. Similarly, if you increase the salary, the number of website visitors will increase.

Also, the more blog post you create, the more website visitors you will get.

A little background

I see many SEO companies are complicating the SEO pricing calculations, which makes it difficult for businesses to understand how it works.

I want you to think of Google as just another social media platform. Like on Instagram, you post images, and on Twitter, you post tweets; similarly, on Google, you have to post articles (or blog posts).

So you just need blog posts to get more people to your website. You do not have to write blog posts yourself; you can hire a content writer for you.

In addition, you can’t create any kind of blog post and expect to get website visitors. You have to create a blog posts, which solves target audience’s problems. Just like beautiful images work best on Instagram and tweeting on trending topics works best on Twitter; similarly, writing problem-solving blog posts works best on Google.

Just think about the problem your target audience might be facing and write an article about it. You can hire an SEO guy to do a little research and understand what your target audience wants. SEO guy can also help content writers to promote their blog posts on different platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, Medium, Tumblr, etc.

So, you just two good employees to work for you: a content writer and an SEO guy. Or you can hire an SEO agency to help you with this.

Now you must be thinking, what about those complicated words other SEO agencies are using like “keyword research” and “backlink building”?

Well, most of these services are just complicated names for the processes I mentioned before. So don’t worry, your SEO guy will handle them for you.

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