Lenskart is an Indian eyewear startup which has achieved tremendous growth in the last 10 years. So, in this article, we’ll look at Lenskart’s digital marketing strategies. 

Using SEO to dominate Google search results

Lenskart is using SEO to make its website Google-friendly and is consequently ranking high on keywords like “glasses”, “ray ban sunglasses”, “specs”, ”spectacles” and more.

As a result, they are getting 1300K visitors/month organically from Google. Also, their website rank is higher (for most keywords) than others. Check out the data table below to look at Lenskart’s SEO performance. For better understanding, we have also added the data of Titan eye plus, a brand launched 3 years before Lenskart.

# Metrics Lenskart Titan Eye Plus
Total Organic Traffic
1300K Visitors/Month
185K Visitors/Month
Non-branded Organic Traffic
Traffic Cost
₹ 11M
₹ 2M

(Data source: SEMrush; Date: Jan 2020)

Using Search Ads to get paid traffic from Google

SEO can help your website rank high in search results, but with Google ads, you can get above the search results. That is why Lenskart is using Google ads on keywords like “sunglasses”, “spectacles” and many other keywords.

These ads are performing well and are getting 130K visitors/month for just 7 to 10 ₹/click. You can look at more data in the table below.

# Metrics Lenskart Titan Eye Plus
Total Paid Traffic
130K Visitors/Month
14K Visitors/Month
Traffic Cost
₹ 1M
₹ 0.2M

(Data source: SEMrush; Date: Jan 2020)

Using Google Shopping Ads to acquire competitor’s customers

Google Shopping ads are used to showcase your products directly on the search results page. In addition to using these ads on the keywords discussed above, Lenskart is also using them for acquiring their competitor’s customers and consequently increasing their market share. For instance, they are using shopping ads on keywords like “titan eye plus” and “coolwinks”, two of their biggest competitors.

Using Google Display ads for getting more traffic

Lenskart is using display ads on different websites and blogs for retargeting and promoting their products. Check out some of their ads below.

Using Universal App Ads to get app installs

All the different ads discussed above are for getting website traffic, but universal app ads help you in getting more app installs. App installs are more important than website visits because once the users have installed the app you can send them notifications free of cost. Also, app users buy more frequently compared to website visitors.

That is why Lenskart is using Universal app ads. These ads show up only on mobile searches and have an install button which redirects you to play store (for Android users) or app store (for Apple users).

Using Facebook Ads to get more app installs

Google is not the only source of traffic. Lenskart also uses Facebook ads to promote their products and their app. Check out their ads below:

Using multiple tools for conversion optimization

Lenskart is using tools like Optimizely and Zarget to increase their conversion rates. These tools are used for testing every single element on the website. Some of the features of these tools are: A/B testing, heat map, sales funnel analysis, form analytics, and feedback.

Here is what a heat map looks like. It shows user behaviour on the website.

(Image source: flickr.com)

Using Adobe marketing cloud for 360 degree digital marketing

Using so many marketing strategies can be overwhelming for their team. So, Lenskart is using Adobe marketing cloud for launching many different campaigns from a single platform. It is helping them in managing content and customer insights.

That’s it! These are the all Lenskart’s digital marketing strategies. We hope that you find this article helpful.

Thanks for reading!

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