Fashion startups are businesses that use digital marketing to sell their clothes online.  To understand the digital marketing strategy for fashion startups we are going to look at 3 new fashion brands: 

·        French Crown, a premium formal menswear brand in India launched in 2016

·        Andamen, a luxury fashion brand that celebrates Indian-ness.

·        Turms, an anti-odour and stain repellent apparel manufacturer.

Most fashion related products are bought emotionally and not because of any functional use. We buy a shirt because we like it and not because we need it. So, fashion startups have to showcase their products in front of their target audience to bring out their shopping impulse.

Let’s see how these startups use (or don’t use) digital marketing strategies to attract their target audience.

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Table of Contents

·        Digital marketing strategies used by fashion startups

o   Search engine marketing (SEM) or Google ads

o   Social media advertising or Facebook ads

·        Digital marketing strategies rarely used by fashion startups

o   Search engine optimization (SEO)

o   Content marketing (on social media)

Digital marketing strategies used by fashion startups

Here is the data table which shows the traffic distribution of popular fashion startups:

(Data source: Similarweb; Date: Jan 2020)

As you can see, there are two major traffic sources: Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We’ll look at both of them next.

Search engine marketing (SEM) or Google ads

There are 4 types of Google ads: search ads, display ads, universal app ad, and shopping ads. But it’s not very hard to guess which one is the best for fashion startups; it’s shopping ads.

You can see Turms, Andamen and French crown running Google shopping ads on the keyword “white shirt for men”. This is how they use Google ads to get traffic to their website.

Social media advertising or Facebook ads

Most businesses use Facebook ads, but not like fashion businesses. They spend the highest proportion of their budget on Facebook ads. Check out some of their ads below:

Digital marketing strategies rarely used by fashion startups

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO brings organic traffic from Google by making the website Google-friendly (or user-friendly because that’s what Google wants). So, we will find out the SEO performance of these startups by looking at their non-branded traffic.

Non-branded organic traffic is the number of visits from search terms which didn’t have the company’s name. For instance, traffic from the keyword “buy shirts online” is non-branded. On the other hand, traffic from the keyword “buy shirts online andamen” is branded traffic for Andamen.

The data table shows that French Crown and Andamen are not doing any SEO since they are not getting any non-branded organic traffic. However, Turms is doing SEO and getting 33K visits per month from keywords like “tshirt”, “white shirt”, and “shirts linen” ( source: SEMrush; Date: Jan 2020)

Turms have to use this strategy because they are not a premium clothing brand and paid advertisements can give bad ROI (or ROAS, return on ad spent) on low-cost products. It’s because the cost per click remains the same whether you sell a ₹700 shirt like Turms or a ₹1500 shirt like Andamen or French Crown.

In conclusion, SEO is not a good strategy for a premium fashion brand, but affordable brands have to use it to get better results or better margins.

Content marketing (on social media)

Posting content on different channels regularly is important to attract your target audience. The more quality content you post, the more people you can reach out to organically.

Here is the organic Facebook reach data of the three companies:

Organic reach is the number of people who saw your content. The data table shows that all 3 of these companies have a low reach. But, it is not a bad thing because content marketing (especially on social media) is not a good idea for new fashion businesses because they do not give good returns soon. Imagine how much money it will take to hire a team of content marketers. So, content marketing is good only for big fashion businesses to create brand awareness.


If you are a fashion startup owner, start with Facebook ads and Google ads and try to achieve profitability. But if you fail in getting good margins you can go with SEO.

We hope that you find this analysis helpful. If you want to learn more about digital marketing for startups you can find more articles in the related posts section below.

Also, if you would like to collaborate with us for anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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