Do you know to calculate compound interest?

Me neither.

And thanks to the internet, we don’t have to (unless you are still in school).

Websites like Bank Bazaar have an interest rate calculator along with many other tools needed for taking a financial decision.

As a result of these tools, Bank Bazaar is getting 15 million website visitors per month. Consequently, they are generating thousands of leads per month which has become a big source of revenue for them.

Many websites are providing useful information but none of them is as popular as bank bazaar and it is because of their superior search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

So, let’s look at Bank Bazaar’s SEO strategy and learn how they attract millions of visitors to their website.

#1. Create quality content

Bank Bazaar gives a ton of useful information on their website to attract their target audience.

For instance, they have a dedicated section for every investment vehicle like fixed deposit and mutual funds where they provide honest comparisons, reviews and tips.

As a result of these helpful articles, they have earned a lot of high-quality backlinks which is an important factor in ranking websites and since Bank Bazaar has a ton on them, 4 Million to be exact, they are ranking high in search results.

Even Yahoo Finance has listed Bank Bazaar’s article in their related post section and similarly, many news websites have referred to them.

So, the most important lesson to learn from Bank Bazaar’s SEO strategy is to create high-quality content and to earn quality backlinks to rank high in Google.

#2. Quantity matters

Bank Bazaar has 233K pages on their website, so if you think that you will just create a couple of helpful content and you will start ranking high, you are wrong. You have to consistently create content like a machine.

Also, you have to accept the fact that most of them won’t even perform well. So, it’s like a trial and error game. Google will rank whatever its algorithm finds useful.

#3. Provide useful tools

Bank Bazaar has built many tools and calculators to help people with their finances like EMI calculator, FD calculator, and SIP calculator.

Their most important tool is a credit score calculator, which lets you know if you are eligible for a loan or credit card. Without this tool, people would have to go to the bank to check their eligibility.

So, understanding your buyers’ journey and helping them along the way is very important for SEO. If you can provide such helpful tools to your visitors you can also get a good ranking in Google.

#4. Provide updated stats and charts

Bank Bazaar is getting the highest amount of traffic from their stats and charts like gold and silver rates. These charts give the rate of gold and silver in every single city and are updated daily.

Moreover, they give news, pricing trends and articles on when to buy or sell.

These charts help them in becoming a one-stop destination for financial advisory.

Google’s algorithm also likes them because of this and makes them rank high.

#5. Become a search engine

Google loves local search engines because it gives people want they are looking for. Bank Bazaar provides IFSC codes directory, list of network hospitals, list of government holidays and many more.

As a result of these useful lists and directories, people spend more time on their website and thus Google improves their ranking further.

So, if possible you should also have such lists and directories on your website to help your target audience.

#6. Create tutorials to simplify complex things

People usually have a lot of problem in understanding government systems. Government websites don’t give easy-to-follow steps to get things done. So, Bank Bazaar decided to step in and created detailed guides to help the people.

They have a guide for about every utility document like Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Voting ID, Drivers License, Passport, Visa and Gas connection. These guides answer every question related to these documents.

What you can learn from Bank Bazaar’s SEO strategy is to create content which helps your target audience in simplifying their lives. This will result in your website getting a ton of traffic since you are solving a real problem.

#7. Create an excellent site structure/ internal linking

Bank Bazaar has a great site structure. Every single page of their website is no more than 3 click away from their home page. This is possible because of great internal linking. Every page links to all the relevant pages and helps people in exploring the website.

Also, there is a site map at the footer which links to more related pages. For instance, on a page about pan card there is a site map like this:

Having such a good internal linking structure helps users in navigating the website and getting what they are looking for which improves the user experience.

#8. Create an app

Although creating an app doesn’t help in SEO, but it makes sure that you get recurring visitors which is great for lead generation. Also, you can create a better user experience with your app. 

So, you should try it as a business.

#9. Improve website experience

Bank Bazaar uses many tools for conducting surveys and getting feedback from customers. These feedbacks help in creating a user-friendly website.

#10. Follow brand guidelines

Bank Bazaar’s website has a better look than any website in their domain and this is not an accident. They follow their brand guidelines strictly while creating content. That is why you associate with the colour blue when you think about bank bazaar and this is not an accident as well. Their webpages are mostly blue.

There are a lot of websites creating quality content and tools but none have the traffic like bank bazaar and it is because of their brand-building abilities.

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  1. Dhiraj

    Hi, Thanks for sharing the SEO strategy of BankBazaar, could you provide some tips for my website I am new to SEO, not getting backlinks.

    1. Shilp Thapak

      Sure. I’ll take a look.

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