How it all Started

TNL Digital Marketing was founded in Jan 2019 by me (Shilp Thapak) and Dhananjay Kalyankar. Before starting TNL we were working in a B2B business and came across a lot of people struggling with growing their businesses. They had the ambition to take their business to new heights but were failing to do so because of lack of marketing efforts. So, we started a social media marketing company to help them. Now we have also included SEO and PPC to provide holistic digital marketing services.

Our Credo

We Believe that we have 4 responsibilities as a busines

Towards our clients

Being a customer-centric company, our first responsibility is towards our clients. We believe in working sincerely and bringing results through quality work. We also believe in providing quality service to our clients by communicating regularly with them and integrating perfectly.

Towards our employees

Our employees are the ones who provide quality service to the clients, so our second responsibility is towards them. We make sure that we give fair wages for their work and provide ample growth opportunities. We also aim towards providing a secure environment for them so they can work at their highest potential.

Towards our Company

Our third responsibility is for the company. We make sure that the company has enough profits and these profits are reinvested in the company to fulfil other responsibilities.

Towards our Investors

Our last responsibility is towards the investors. We make sure that our company grows in both short term and long term to attract more investors and give good returns to the existing ones.

Do you want to grow your business?

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